Resonance tool within the garden

In 2010 a wooden building was brought onto our land. One evening a few weeks later a strange quality encompassed the atmosphere. In the early hours of the following morning this building was mysteriously burnt down to the ground.

A few days later, long grass growing around the perimeter of a stand of ancient trees adjacent to this burnt building lay down about 1.5 meters away from the trees in a circle. Signalling the boundary of what we would come to know later as the Sacred Site, a triangle of one Pohutukawa and two Puriri trees, that held the energetic space for women, children and winged creatures both aquatic and airbourne.

This initiation by fire began my journey of learning how to listen to and work alongside the energies on this land. After a decade of listening I was given permission from the presences of the land to build a new structure on the same site.

This structure is a resonance tool where I work and share space with others. Orientated east/west, It was designed through a process of divination in relationship with the site itself. It is surrounded by the energetic presences of three stand's of ancient trees, The Sacred Site (one Pohutukawa and two Puriri), The Hugging Tree (one Pohutukawa), and the Grounding Tree (one Puriri). These trees are my teachers who I continue to collaborate with.

In the porch of the Sunstudio is an earth acupuncture point where I am able to work directly on the earth itself. Here I am able to perform the Sanskrit fire procedure called Agnihotra, a resonance tool I have used over the past decade as part of my living research project.