sometimes just touching the earth is enough (2019)
Single channel 1080p HD video (looped), colour, stereo sound, 60mins (3600secs).

A visual poem about the potential of a “garden” to heal. This portrait of a landscape shot over the month of September in 2019 is of Auckland’s inner-city urban farm OMG-Organic Market Garden located at 257 Symonds Street. In the first 6 months of 2019 the For the Love of Bees community sequestered over 10 tonnes of carbon via photosynthesis and composting on 310 square meters of garden growing beds. In less than a year this site was producing enough nutrient dense food to sell to its local community to support the living wage of their farmers. This 500m2 farm continues to feed 40 families a week and produce income to pay two full time farmers. Slowly moving in and out of focus over an hour it invites heart rhythms of the viewer to synchronize with earth rhythms. Sometimes just touching the earth is enough was commissioned for Artweek Auckland 2019.

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