With Oleg Polounine

To begin with there is the provocation of presentness.
Then relief, that is, a projection from a flat surface, high or low.
Relief is a relationship between terms, the planar and the three-dimensional, between flatness and depth, projection and recessionā€¦
Drawing a line, in space, before the plane that is a wall.
Rigid, there is wood, then the wobble of Urethane, extending through spaceā€¦ finding natural gravitational relief.
Balance and imbalance, extending from the picture plane, falling between wall and floor.
Also within the box, projecting into the foyer, prey to gravity is another sort of box.
Here one can focus upon a two-dimensional plane, one that recedes into a box.
In and out and in.
Such a box might be a shelf waiting to be installed, or elevated.
Forward from the wall. Forward from the pane and plane of glass.
Careful placement.
An unexpected drop.

Victoria Wynne-Jones